Sunday, November 04, 2007


Wally said on a TV program:

- Que seja abolida a saudade !

Wally said and I was there,
lousy and crazy and amazed,
and there, on that moment
I felt what he was not feeling,
just saying as some shit-talk.

Wally was there and he said:

- Que se exclua a saudade.

And I shout, trying to ask
and to shot that Wally:

- Man! What'm gonna do
with my poems?
All those words I wrote to her ?

Tell me now

o que é que eu faço agora ?

Pois se a saudade acabar
eu esqueço dela e de tudo?

Could I allow myself to forget
a kiss?
the first one she gave me.
and the body of all my dreams,
do you know what'm gonna do with ?

I know what to do:
Turn off the TV...

e esquecer - com saudade.

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